Part time/term time work

 Not only will a part-time job help you earn extra cash, it can also provide you with valuable work experience which will help you find graduate level opportunities. It will demonstrate to graduate recruiters that you are able to balance work with study commitments, in addition to helping you develop new skills.


Casual/Part time work is regularly advertised on our vacancies and events database -  ABERcareers



AberWorks (on-campus opportunities)

AberWorks aims to helps students gain practical work experience within the University. AberWorks includes opportunities for students who wish to earn while they learn.  The opportunities available range from Catering, Administrative work, Ambassador roles and more.


Where else can you look for part time opportunities?

Shop windows and on social media

Local newspapers such as The Cambrian News

safleswyddi - part time roles through the medium of Welsh - part time roles through the medium of Welsh

National Library of Wales

Ceredigion County Council

Welsh Government



Marks and Spencers



Hours of work - recommendations

We advise that full-time students work no more than 15 hours per week during term-time to avoid a negative impact on academic studies. The university holidays provide a good opportunity to work additional hours to save money for term-time so make the most of this time and check out our summer placements page.

We would also advise that you try to cut back on part-time work during exam times to enable you to focus 100% on your all-important exams.

If you are an international student please remember that the number of hours you may work, and your entitlement to work during your studies, may depend upon your visa. For more information please visit UKCISA -

Further information

Information on national minimum wage, income tax, national insurance numbers and working hours can be found on GOV.UK