Starting a Business / Social Enterprise or Freelancing

Do you like the idea of creating your own business or social enterprise?                                              

Working for yourself is a viable option for students and recent graduates.

  • You may have a business idea that you wish to develop alomgside your studies
  • You may be nearing the end of your degree and see yourself as an entrepreneur
  • In some industries operating as a self-employed freelancer is the most likely way to gain entry
  • As a student you could be enterprising now by starting a new club or society
  • You might be interested in bringing together a group of likeminded individuals to create real change within society, by way of a social enterprise

Whatever your current thinking or level of readiness the Careers Service is here to offer you help and advice on all aspects of turning your good idea into a great enterprise through its AberPreneurs service, which offers:

  • Free start-up workshops and presentations held on campus
  • Free one-to-one start-up mentoring from a professional business consultant
  • InvEnterPrize - Aber Uni's annual £10,000 student ideas competition
  • Business Start-Up Week -  a whole week, each June, of workshops and presentations for budding entrepreneurs


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