Work Experience and Employability

The Coleg will be collaborating with universities and external organisations to arrange a period of work experience for the Scholarships holders.

The Coleg’s scholarship holders will be able to gain new experiences and develop valuable skills during their work experience placement with an external organisation, better preparing them for their future career. 

This scheme is an extension of the AmNawdd Scheme which provided work experience placements to Welsh medium scholarship holders studying an environmental discipline.  You can read more about one of those students’ experiences below. A work experience placement is now available to all Coleg scholarship holders and is NO longer limited to individuals studying an environmental discipline.

Ffion Eluned
I’m originally from Groeslon, in the Nantlle Vale and have recently graduated in Welsh and Geography at Aberystwyth University. I studied the most part of my Geography course through the medium of Welsh; I undertook my primary and secondary schooling through the medium of Welsh, so progressing to university level was a natural choice, and I was adamant that I was to continue to study in my mother tongue. Those who were studying through the medium of Welsh were a great bunch and with fewer students in the Welsh lecturers and seminars, there was a good working relationship between us and the lecturers.  I was able to follow a particular Welsh medium module which focused on the geography of Wales and this was a great opportunity to study my homeland in further detail and from a different perspective.  I feel much more confident writing and speaking in Welsh, so even on the few English modules I pursued, I chose to sit the exams through the medium of Welsh.  I was also fortunate to win an AmNawdd Scholarship, and as part of that I was able to spend an interesting and worthwhile period of work experience with the Countryside Council for Wales – yes, there are a number of advantages to studying through the medium of Welsh!