The Coleg offers financial support to both undergraduate and postgraduate students. A number of the University’s degree schemes in a variety of academic disciplines are eligible for one of the Coleg’s scholarships. Scholarship holders will have the opportunity of an arranged Work Experience and Employability in addition to an opportunity to work towards the Coleg's Language Skills Certificate qualification.

Undergraduate Scholarships

(i) Lead Scholarships

The Lead Scholarships are worth £3000 (£1000 a year) and are offered on courses where there’s an opportunity to study 80 credits per year through the medium of Welsh.  Applicants for the Lead Scholarships are asked to pay attention to the terms and conditions noted on the Coleg website, which state that students need to apply to Aberystwyth University to sit an Entrance Scholarship Exam in order to be considered for one of the Lead Scholarships.

(ii) Incentive Scholarships

The Coleg also offers Incentive Scholarships worth £1500 (£500 a year) and these are available on courses where there is an opportunity to study 40 credits per year through the medium of Welsh. There is no need to sit an exam for the Incentive Scholarships.

For further details about how to apply and for application forms, please visit the student section on the Coleg's website.

Don’t forget about the University’s Scholarships, Bursaries and Awards.  Further information can be found here.

Masters Scholarships Scheme

The Coleg Cymraeg Cenedlaethol is offering scholarships up to £3,000 on courses where students can study at least 60 Part 1 credits through the medium of Welsh (i.e. at least 60 credits of provision that is taught through Welsh medium lectures, seminars or tutorials). Holders of the Masters Scholarships will also need to complete their dissertations (or equivalent work) in Welsh.  For further details on how to apply for a scholarship and for application forms, please visit the Coleg Cymraeg website.

Research Scholarships

The College’s Research Scholarship Scheme provides a subsistence grant and fees  - which is equivalent to Research Council UK’s (RCUK) post-graduate scholarships – to prospective academics who are studying for a doctorate. Scholarship holders receive sponsorship to complete their masters degree in the first year if they haven’t yet completed a Masters Degree before beginning their doctorate, and following this, three years of sponsorship to complete a doctorate.  (Scholarship holders who already have a Masters degree can skip the Masters year).  Over and above this, the holders of these scholarships also receive training in teaching skills and gain experience by contributing towards undergraduate modules through the medium of Welsh.  Each scholarship holder receives an extra year’s funding when the holders are employed as members of the academic staff in their departments. They will be expected to plan and develop the Welsh medium provision, after they have completed their doctorate. Current research scholarship holders can be viewed on the Coleg's website.

A further round of applications will not be possible in 2015/16.