Administrative Staff Forum

These regular events are organised by Professional, Administrative and Support staff for Professional, Administrative and Support staff.

The Forum offers opportunities to gather in a friendly environment and discuss issues of direct relevance to your daily work and the chance to network with other colleagues. At the heart of the Forum is the aim to help us to help each other more, offering a chance to get to know others outside the usual work environment.

The Admin Forum is all about sharing information, experience and skills with each other. The sessions aim to be interactive, informative, engaging and fun. It is a Forum for helping staff to keep abreast of changes going on in the University, as well as providing an insight into the bigger picture across the University and the Higher Education sector as a whole. We also aim to highlight personal development opportunities through training or raising awareness of roles in areas of new activity. Some of our sessions focus on health and wellbeing topics, such as our session on mindfulness or lunch walking tours on and across campuses.

Information from each session are available on the Admin Forum SharePoint site .

Meet the Team:

Sue Clarke
Stuart Beckley
Fran Disbury

Ruth Fowler

Anka Furlan
Dominika Komaniecka

Ceris Medhurst-Jones

Alan Macmillan












For further details on our sessions or to contact us, please e-mail: