Leading in Universities / Leading for Professionals

The University sector is a complex and rapidly changing work environment. Organisational structure and, therefore, the lines of responsibility, authority and communication, are often shifting and less defined than in other, similar sized organisations. Leading and managing people, in this environment, can be demanding and requires skill in negotiation and persuasion with people that have a wide range of different strengths, weaknesses and values. The flexible and adaptive nature of the setting often means that staff can be thrown into positions of temporary or long-term leadership at short notice and with little opportunity to prepare for the role. The principle behind providing this module is that it delivers the package of awareness, skills and behaviours at a much earlier stage in the career of a university staff member, preparing them for leadership positions, but also provides a range of inter-personal tools and skills, useful at all stages of their careers. The module is designed to develop inter-personal behaviours, widely seen to underpin the key skills for effective leadership, based on increased awareness of self and others and an appreciation of how others perceive us. However, the module also aims to deliver pragmatic outcomes that can be immediately applied in a work context. The module includes an action-research project developed in a real work-place environment, encouraging immediate impact on practice, during the course and placing the theoretical aspects in a real context. The module involves both taught, work-based elements and independent study. The taught element, consisting of a linked series of 8 leadership development workshops, introducing a number of techniques that can be used in a leadership context and encourages the use of previous and current work as a basis for reviewing practice as well as knowledge and understanding of key concepts of leadership.

Who is this Course For?

While the primary aim of this module is to serve the needs of university staff with a current or recent academic background, it is also suitable for professionals from outside the university sector, as long as they are comfortable with writing at the level we would expect in an M-level course.

Leading in Universities Module Handbook 2016

Llawlyfr Modiwl Arwain mewn Prifysgolion 2016

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Workshop Dates:  Cohort 3

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