Gwobrau Gŵyl Dewi Aber Awards

Gwobrau Gŵyl Dewi Awards

Nominations for the Gwobrau Gŵyl Dewi Aber Awards 2020 are now open.

Details about the 2019 winners.

Details about the 2018 winners.

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An opportunity for you to nominate outstanding members of staff and students who have made a particular contribution in some way or another to the University’s Welsh identity and use of Welsh.

Do you know someone:

Who has gone the extra mile to ensure that the Welsh language is being used in the workplace?

Who has made an effort to learn and to use the language?

Who has been very supportive of you  in your efforts to learn the language?

Who has overcome hurdles or has made a special effort  to study through the medium of Welsh?

Who is especially diligent in organising Welsh medium events?

Would you like to see that person awarded for their efforts?

This is the third time that the University will be celebrating the Gwobrau Gŵyl Dewi Awards to recognise and reward individuals who deserve recognition for their efforts in promoting the Welsh language – be they  students  or members of staff. Four awards will be available; two for staff members; and two for students:

Exceptional Learner (staff)

Who can be nominated?  A member of staff who has/is learning Welsh

Who can nominate? : Every member of staff and students

This is an award for someone who has learnt Welsh and is making an exceptional effort to use and apply the language in their work.

Promoting Welsh in the Workplace (staff)

Who can be nominated?  Any member of staff (be they Welsh learners, fluent Welsh speakers or  non-Welsh speaking)

Who can nominate?  Every member of staff and students

This is an award for someone who has been particularly supportive of the Welsh language in the workplace.

This individual could be a fluent Welsh speaker who has supported their colleagues’ efforts to learn Welsh or someone who encourages and gives practical support to enable colleagues to work bilingually. They could be a manager (Welsh speaking or not) who has encouraged and supported their staff to improve and use their Welsh language skills in the workplace.

Welsh Medium Study (student)

Who can be nominated?  A student who studies at least 40 credits through the medium of Welsh

Who can nominate?  Staff

This award is for a student who has overcome hurdles or who has made a special effort in order to study through the medium of Welsh, for example, perhaps they come from an entirely non-Welsh speaking background but are dedicated to studying through the Welsh medium.

Welsh Language Champion (student)

Who can be nominated?  Students (first and second language Welsh speakers)

Who can nominate?  Every student

This award is for a student who has made a special contribution to the community’s and/or the University’s Welsh language identity.

For example, they may be volunteering with enterprises that provide Welsh medium activities for children in the area or are exceptionally active and diligent while organising Welsh medium events for students.

How to nominate and what happens next?

Are you ready to nominate? Download the Nomination Form 2020.

The closing date for nominations will be on 31 January 2020 so remember to ensure that you submit your nomination before that date!

A panel of judges will select the best of these nominations as winners of the four awards listed above.

An awards ceremony will be held in the spring and invitations will be extended to the winners’ colleagues and friends.

Gwobrau Gŵyl Dewi Awards