Information on learning Welsh, language improvement and mentoring for staff

Providing opportunities and encouraging staff to learn and improve their Welsh is an important part of the Centre's mission. We are also eager to provide opportunities for staff to use Welsh, be they learners or fluent speakers

The Centre has adopted a procedure for paying the fees of staff who attend Welsh lessons arranged by Learn Welsh. Follow the link below to see which courses are available, eligibility for the fees scheme and for a copy of the application form. The fee claim form must be completed and sent to the Centre for Welsh Language Services for the fees to be paid for. IMPORTANT NOTE: You will be expected to reimburse all fees to the University if you do not complete the course.
(Attend all 3 terms including at least one session during the final 4 weeks of the course)

We also arrange occasional short taster courses which are tailored to the needs of specific departments or to groups of staff. Contact the Centre should you require any further information.

The Centre is pleased with the success of the University's Mentoring Scheme for Welsh Learners. We work closely with the Centre for Staff Development and Academic Training with this scheme which brings together fluent Welsh speakers, who act as mentors, and Welsh learners to provide them with the opportunity to speak Welsh in a relaxed atmosphere.