The Clearing Process Explained

The Clearing Process Explained 

The Clearing process allows you to explore your university options. Clearing might be a route you’d like to take if your results aren’t what you expected, you’ve changed your mind about your preferred course or where you’d like to study or you’ve only just decided to make an application to study at  university.  

Not all universities or courses are available through Clearing, so it’s worth checking what is available and doing some research before receiving your results. Around 50,000 applicants found a place through Clearing last year and Aberystwyth University currently has Clearing vacancies available across a wide range of its programmes.

Am I eligible for Clearing?

You can use Clearing if you:

  • applied after 30th June 2021
  • applied before 30th June 2021 and didn’t receive any offers (or didn’t receive any offers that you wanted to accept)
  • didn’t meet the conditions of your offer and your firm or insurance choice universities did not confirm your place.

Preparing for Clearing

Clearing can be a stressful time for students. We’re here to help and want to ensure we provide as much guidance as possible to make your Clearing experience run smoothly. Clearing moves at a rapid pace; most students are usually ready to make calls and find out which courses are available at different universities from early on during A-level results day. Preparation is key to getting a place on your preferred course.

It’s never too early to start researching, whether it’s finding out more about Aberystwyth or making a list of courses that you’re interested in. The sooner you know which course you’d like to apply for, the sooner you can enquire on A-level results day.


Once you have received your results log in to your UCAS Track account to view the status of your application.

If your results were:

  • As expected and your place has been confirmed by a university, you won’t be in Clearing
  • Better than expected you could use the Adjustment process to trade up
  • Not as expected and you are holding no offers you will be entered into Clearing.

How can I apply through Clearing?

If you are in Clearing check the UCAS website for a list of courses that still have places available. You don’t have to stick with your original choice of subject. You will need to contact universities directly to find out if they can make you an offer to study.

The best way to contact the Clearing team at Aberystwyth University is by calling our Clearing hotline number (0800 121 40 80). We would advise that you try to gather the following details before calling us:

  • Clearing Number (this can be found on UCAS Track)
  • UCAS Personal ID
  • Qualifications details (including A level, AS level, GCSE and equivalent results)
  • Login details for UCAS Track
  • Information about your chosen course.

If you receive a verbal offer from a university and you’d like to accept the offer, you will need to add the course as your Clearing choice in UCAS Track. Please note, you will only be able enter one Clearing choice. UCAS Track will be open from 2pm on A level results day for you to add your Clearing choice.

What is adjustment?

If you receive higher grades than you were predicted, you may be eligible to explore our programmes that have higher entry requirements – while retaining your existing confirmed place.