Clearing FAQs

Clearing Hotline (Freephone): 0800 121 40 80

Click on the questions below for answers to the most popular Clearing questions. For further information please get in touch via the Clearing Hotline: 0800 121 40 80.

What is Clearing?

Clearing is designed for students who have yet to secure a place at university. If you haven’t received the results you were expecting, or if you declined all your offers, or applied after the 28 June 2019, you will be eligible to apply through UCAS Clearing. There will be plenty of choice out there for you but make sure to search for vacancies nice and early.

What is Adjustment?

If you have collected your results and done better than you expected, you may be eligible to explore our programmes that have higher entry requirements, through Adjustment. You will be automatically entitled to register for Adjustment if you have met and exceeded all the conditions of your firm offer. Further details are available on the UCAS website.

I've already received my results. Can I apply now?

Yes. If you have already received your results you can apply to study with us through Clearing. Just call our Clearing hotline on 0800 121 4080 (freephone) to discuss your qualifications, our courses, your options and more.

What courses do you offer and how can I apply?

Clearing Course Vacancies

We have a limited amount of places available on a range of different courses for students seeking a place via Clearing or Adjustment.

For the latest availability and to apply, contact a member of our Clearing Team on 0800 121 4080 (Freephone)

What should I do once I've been offered a place?

If you are made a verbal offer for a place to study with us after speaking to a member of the Clearing Team, you will be sent an email which will explain how you can accept the offer. Offers can be accepted by using the ‘Add Clearing Choice’ tab on your UCAS Track.


1. To add your Clearing choice in UCAS Track you will need:

  • Your UCAS Personal ID
  • Aberystwyth UCAS code - ABWTH A40
  • Course Code
  • You will be asked for Campus Code – Please leave this blank
  • Start date 23-09-2019

*If we have asked for proof of qualifications and a reference, don’t forget to send these to us*

2. Once you have a confirmed place with us our accommodation team will be in touch by e-mail to invite you to apply for University accommodation.

3. Get in touch with the Student Loans Company to organise your finances. You can also contact our Student Support Services with any queries.

4. We’ll contact you with information about Freshers’ Week.


Contact us if you have any questions about confirming your place on 0800 121 4080 (Freephone) or

Will I be able visit the University before the term starts?

Our Clearing Visiting Days 2019:

  • Saturday 17 August, 10:00 - 16:00
  • Sunday 18 August, 10:00 - 16:00
  • Monday 19 August, 9:00 - 17:00
  • Wednesday 20 August, 9:00 - 17:00
  • Friday 21 August, 9:00 - 17:00

The booking system will open soon.

How long do I have to make a decision about my offer?

We would recommend you accept your offer as soon as you can in order to secure your place with us. Should you decide to register for one of our Clearing Visiting Days, you will have up to 24hrs after your visit to accept your place.

What funding is available to support my studies?

Clearing and Adjustment applicants are entitled to be considered for the Aberystwyth Bursary. This is a means-tested bursary where you could be eligible for up to £750 a year for each year of your studies.

There is no need to apply for this Bursary – we will receive the financial assessment of your household income made by your local authority, and will use this to assess your entitlement for a bursary.

Details of tuition fee loans and maintenance support are available from your student finance body:

Will I get accommodation as a Clearing/Adjustment applicant?

Yes. We provide guaranteed university accommodation for Clearing and Adjustment applicants. To qualify for a guaranteed place you must ensure that your accommodation application is submitted successfully by the 1st September 2019, that you accept the offer of accommodation made to you and complete the Accommodation Licence Pack provided by the deadline date in your accommodation offer e-mail. Please note that a place in university accommodation is guaranteed, but not a specific type of room or location. Terms and Conditions apply. Please refer to our Priorities Policy for further details.

What accommodation is available and how much does it cost?

We offer an extensive range of accommodation, whether you desire an en-suite or a standard room, catered or self-catered facilities, we have a variety of options to suit your budget and preferences. Furthermore, payment plans can be made to coincide with the receipt of your student loan money to help with budgeting!

Further information, including virtual tours, of our different types of residences, is available on our Accommodation Options webpage.

Along with providing guaranteed university accommodation for new students, when you live with us, there is no need to worry about fluctuating bills and random due dates. University Accommodation Fees include utilities, internet (plus Wi-Fi) and a high level of personal contents insurance.

Also available for 2019/20:

If I am offered a place, how do I apply for accommodation?

Shortly after confirming your place, the Accommodation Office will send you an e-mail inviting you to apply for university accommodation.

This will provide you with information on how to make an application using our online Accommodation Portal. You will require your: 10 digit UCAS personal ID number, surname and date of birth to login and apply for accommodation.

You can also check out our handy step-by-step guide on How to Apply for university accommodation.

Why haven’t I been allocated my 1st choice of accommodation?

We will allocate you a place in residences, taking into account your preferences and will try to offer you one of your higher preferences. However, because the residences vary in the number of students they accommodate and some are more popular than others, obtaining your higher preferences cannot be guaranteed. If there is not a vacancy in your first preference of residence, we will consider all your other choices in priority order until a vacancy can be located.

Please note that certain students have priority and their accommodation may have been allocated as a higher priority than yours, as detailed in our Priorities Policy.

Can I change accommodation if I am not happy with my offer?

If you are not satisfied with your accommodation offer, then please contact our accommodation office where a member of the team can check alternative availability for you.