Dr Adil Mughal
BSc, PhD


Theory of rotational columnar structures of soft spheresWinkelmann, J., Mughal, A., Williams, D. B., Weaire, D. & Hutzler, S., 2019 , In : Physical Review E.99, 020602.
Homogeneous and heterogeneous populations of active rods in two-dimensional channelsKhodygo, V., Mughal, A. & Swain, M., 2019 , In : Physical Review E.
Demonstration and interpretation of 'scutoid' cells formed in a quasi-2D soap frothMughal, A., Cox, S. J., Weaire, D., Burke, S. R. & Hutzler, S., 2018 , In : Philosophical Magazine Letters.98, 8, p. 358-3647 p.
Columnar structures of soft spheres: Metastability and hysteresisMughal, A., Winkelmann, J., Weaire, D. & Hutzler, S., 2018 , In : Physical Review E.98, 043303.
How bees and foams respond to curved confinement: Level set boundary representations in the Surface EvolverMughal, A., Libertiny, T. & Schröder-Turk, G. E., 2017 , In : Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects.534, p. 94-10411 p.
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