Dr Alex Mangold

M.A. (Augsburg), MSc (Chester), PhD (Wales)

Dr Alex Mangold


Institute Director of International

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Director of International Affairs (IAH)

SSCC Chair, Year Abroad Coordinator (German) & Employability Officer (Modern Languages)


Module Coordinator


My research focuses on three broad areas and themes:

In Theatre & Performance Studies, my main interests are Contemporary British&European Theatre, Performance Philosophy, Lacanian Psychoanalysis & Zizek, Sarah Kane and the New Tragic.

In Translation Studies, I focus on dialogue translation and on translation theory related to Television, Film and Theatre translation.

My linguistic research is mostly based on German Grammar and has resulted in a social media and book project titled MONKEY RAISINS, MONKEY NUTS.

I welcome applications from graduates for MA, MPhil or PhD research projects in any of these areas.


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