Dr Frederic Labrosse

PhD (École Polytechnique de Montreal)


A Dynamic Colour Perception System for Autonomous Robot Navigation on Unmarked RoadsNarayan, A., Tuci, E., Labrosse, F. & Alkilabi, M. H. M., 2018 , In : Neurocomputing.275, p. 2251-2263
Comparison of Image Intensity, Local and Multi-Atlas Priors in Brain Tissue ClassificationWang, L., Labrosse, F. & Zwiggelaar, R., 2017 , In : Medical Physics.44, 11, p. 5782-579413 p.
Immersive Analytics and Deep Maps – the Next Big Thing for Cultural Heritage & ArchaeologyRoberts, J., Mearman, J., Ritsos, P., Miles, H., Wilson, A., Perkins, D., Jackson, J., Tiddeman, B., Labrosse, F., Edwards, B. & Karl, R., 2016 .
Historical records, archives, and photogrammetryWilson, A., Miles, H., Labrosse, F., Tiddeman, B. & Roberts, J., 2016 , In : The Historic Environment: Policy & Practice.7, 1, p. 25-4217 p.
Alternative Representations of 3D Reconstructed Heritage DataMiles, H., Wilson, A., Labrosse, F., Tiddeman, B., Ritsos, P., Mearman, J., Griffiths, S., Edwards, B., Möller, K., Karl, R. & Roberts, J., 2016 , In : ACM Journal on Computing and Cultural Heritage (JOCCH).9, 1, 4.
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