Dr Ffion Jones

2015: Aberystwyth University. PhD in Performance StudiesSupervisors: Professor Mike Pearson and Dr Roger Owen.Woollying The Boundaries; Interventions And Perceptions Of Upland Sheep Farming In Wales. An Interdisciplinary Approach To Rural Research.

2008:Aberystwyth UniversityMA in Performance Studies (Distinction)

2007:BA in Performance studies and Scenographic Studies (First Class Honours)

Dr Ffion Jones

Lecturer in Theatre and Theatre Practice

Department of Theatre, Film & Television Studies

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Ffion Jones was appointed in August 2016 as a Lecturer in Practical Theatre. She has undertaken her BA, MA, and more recently, her PhD at the department. Ffion teaches practical workshops on the English medium Theatre curriculum. 

Additional Information

Practice-as-Research Presentations and performances:

May 2016:The Spring Gathering. Cymerau (local branch of the Hydrocitizenship research project). Film Screening: Edafedd Dwr/Water-Yarn. August-October 2015: Iliad. National Theatre of Wales. Directed by Pearson/Brookes. Performer. June 2015: Language/Voice. One day Symposium. Media Practice and MeCCSA Practice Network. Aberystwyth Arts Centre. Film Screening: Dear Mick Jagger…November 2014: You Are Here. Event organised by The Centre for Culture of Place. Aberystwyth Arts Centre. Film Screening: Dear Mick Jagger…April 2014: Aberystwyth University TFTS Dept. Annual Conference: Evening event. Film Screening: Ode to Perdurance. September 2011: Eve Speaks at the Garden of Eden. Performance by Ali Matthews as part of the Aberystwyth Arts Centre Storytelling Festival. Role: Costume, lighting, prop-making. September 2010: Practice-as-research Performative, Site-specific event: The Only Places we Ever Knew.November 2007: On Running (performance at Experimentica, Chapter, Cardiff by Louise Ritchie and Gareth Evans).Role: Cable runner, technical help. September 2007: The Acts: Vigia. Directed by Jill Greenalgh. Aberystwyth.Performer.

Conference papers: October 2015: Half-Day Symposium on National Theatre Wales' Production of ILIAD. Paper: War-rubble and the Iliad: A performer’s perspective creating epic theatre. March 2013: Aberystwyth University TFTS Dept. Annual Conference:Paper: Woollying the Boundaries: The nature of human/animal relationships on a working upland farm. May 2012: The Affective Landscapes conference. University of Derby. Paper: Wind, Rain, Sheep and Sht: A year on an upland sheep farm. March 2012: Aberystwyth University TFTS Dept. Annual Conference: Paper: Wind, rain, sheep and sht: A year on an upland sheep farm. March 2010: Aberystwyth University TFTS Dept. Annual Conference: Paper and film: Two farms.



Research Interests: Practice-based research into rural studies. Interdisciplinary research focusing on the nature of farming lives with specific focus on the relationship between farmers’ and their livestock. Research practices include an interest in a multi-disciplinary methodological approach, incorporating ethnographic fieldwork, film-making and performance as a way of disseminating farming lives to a general public. Interest in site-specific theatre practices, especially those which focus on rural spaces as a location for performance events.Publications:


‘Reflections on Dear Mick Jagger…’. Performance Research: A Journal of the Performing Arts. Special issue: On Anthropomorhphism. 20 (2), Taylor and Francis . 2015.

‘Focus on Theatre (review): Chaperoned like lame sheep’ Planet the Welsh Internationalist. (216). 2014.

‘Woollying the Boundaries. Animal/human relationships’ Planet the Welsh Internationalist, (211) (2013)

Office Hours (Student Contact Times)

  • Monday 12.00-14.00
  • Tuesday 12.00-14.00


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