Dr Glenys Williams LLB Wales, 1978; Soliciotr of the Supreme Court; PhD Wales, 2003

Dr Glenys Williams


Department of Law & Criminology

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After qualifying and practicing as a solicitor for a number of years, Glenys returned to the Law Department at Aberystwyth to study for a PhD in 1997. She is now a Reader in Law,  where she teaches law through the medium of both Welsh and English.



Glenys's research focuses on the impact which criminal law concepts have on medical law decision-making, particularly at the end of life. She researches particularly into (i) aspects of euthanasia and assisted suicide, and (ii) the theory behind criminal law excusatory defences. She is a member of the Socio Legal Studies Association and of the Society of Legal Scholars and has presented her research at their conferences, and more widely.


I am the head of Assessments in the Department of Law & Criminology, and also recruit Internationally. 

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  • Monday 3.00-4.00
  • Thursday 1.00-2.00


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