Dr Helen Miles

BSc, PhD

Dr Helen Miles

Associate Lecturer

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Helen's research is in the field of computer graphics and virtual environments. She has a BSc (2010) and PhD (2014) in Computer Science from Bangor University. She moved to Aberystwyth in 2014 to work as PDRA on the HeritageTogether project, collecting 3D digital recordings of neolithic archeology sites in Wales.

Helen is very interested in engaging with the public and communicating science, helping to plan and run outreach activities that aim to spark an interest in science and computer science. She helps run the Aberystwyth Robotic Club, leading the advanced group.

Helen is a member of the BCS, and is on the committees for BCSWomen and BCS Mid Wales. In 2017 Helen became chair of the BCSWomen Lovelace Colloquium, an annual conference for undergraduate women in computing.



  • Computer graphics
  • Virtual environments
  • Virtual reality
  • Applied computer graphics
  • Data visualisation
  • Virtual reconstruction


  • Computer Science Employability Coordinator (2016-18)
  • Computer Science Head of Admissions and Recruitment (2017+)

Research Groups


Simulating the visual output of PanCamMiles, H. & Gunn, M. 2018
Automatic radiometric correction of PanCam imagesLadegaard, A. C., Gunn, M. & Miles, H. 2018
RAVEN: A Concept for VRMiles, H., Gunn, M., Cousins, C., Leff, C., Gupta, S., Ortner, T., Traxler, C. & Paar, G. 2018
Immersive Analytics and Deep Maps – the Next Big Thing for Cultural Heritage & ArchaeologyRoberts, J., Mearman, J., Ritsos, P., Miles, H., Wilson, A., Perkins, D., Jackson, J., Tiddeman, B., Labrosse, F., Edwards, B. & Karl, R. 2016
Historical records, archives, and photogrammetryWilson, A., Miles, H., Labrosse, F., Tiddeman, B. & Roberts, J. 2016 In : The Historic Environment: Policy & Practice.7, 1, p. 25-4217 p.
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