Jen Phipps

BCL (Hons) Law; BSc (Hons) Criminology with Psychology; MSc (Hons) Criminology with Forensic Psychology; PGCTHE

 Jen Phipps


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My main areas of research are related to criminology and criminal psychology. I am interested in the areas surrounding the causes of offending behaviour and the treatment and rehabilitation of offenders.

I have also been involved with research related to policing and the military. More specifically, issues related to the cultural and professionalism of the uniformed services.


Criminology Scheme Co-ordinator 

Law & Criminology Peer Mentor Co-ordinator

Law & Criminology Employability Co-ordinator

Office Hours (Student Contact Times)

  • Thursday 9.00-11.00


"'I’ll make a man out of you": The Effect of Mixed Gender Relations on Primary Group Cohesion in Military UnitsPhipps, J., 2013 .
Policing Farm Crime in England and WalesJones, J. H. & Phipps, J. R., 2012 , In : Papers from the British Criminology Conference (An online Journal by the British Society of Criminology).12, 22 p.
Women at War: The Challenges of Combat ExclusionPhipps, J., 2012 .
Policing Rural Crime in the Big SocietyJones, J. H. & Phipps, J., 2012 .
Females on the Frontline: An Exploration of the Effect of Women Soldiers in the Armed ForcesPhipps, J. & Devi-McGleish, Y., 2012 .
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