Mr Phylip Brake

BA (Prifysgol Cymru y Drindod Dewi Sant [Prifysgol Dewi Sant, Llanbedr Pont Steffan, gynt]) (1977); MA (Prifysgol Cymru) (1980); Aseswr CGC (Cymwysterau Galwedigaethol Cenedlaethol) (NVQ) yn y Gymraeg (B32 a B33) (1994); TUAAU (Tystysgrif Uwchrad

Mr Phylip Brake

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After graduating from St David's University College, Lampeter, in 1977, I studied the spoken language of native Welsh speakers of Pencarreg Parish in Carmarthenshire, for which I received an MA (University of Wales) in 1980. In the meantime, I worked as a research assistant for the Board of Celtic Studies, studying the spoken language of Welsh speaking inhabitants of the Rhondda Valleys. In 1980, I joined the Welsh Teaching Department of the University of Wales, under the late Chris Rees, as a tutor-organiser of intensive and advanced Welsh for adults classes in south Ceredigion, west and north Carmarthenshire and Pembrokeshire. The post was located at The University of Wales, Lampeter, and I worked closely with the old Department of Extra mural Studies at Aberystwyth University. The nature of my job has changed over the years, and now, I am primarily responsible for organizing and developing the provision of Welsh for Adults University of Aberystwyth in Ceredigion, including proficiency courses. I am a member of the National Welsh for Adults Research Working Group (GYCiO), which formulates research strategy and sets research priorities, and I am currently working with the WJEC on one of my research projects: The study of the oral language errors of experienced Welsh learners. I contribute to policy formulation and development of Welsh for Adults by my membership of Welsh for Adults committees such the Management Committee, the Learning and Teaching Committee, the Marketing Team and E learning Working Group. I am also a member of the SELL Learning and Teaching Committee. I’m a member of WJEC Welsh for Adults Examinations Panel. The main work of this panel is to develop the curriculum and draw up exams.


I have many years of experience as a Welsh for Adults tutor, and I have written, and published, many books and articles on the subject. Recently, I have researched into, and developed, assessment for learning techniques for use in Welsh for Adults classes.


Over the years I have written many course books for Welsh learners at every level - from courses for complete beginners to proficiency courses for fluent Welsh speakers, but linguistics, and especially sociolinguistics, is my main interest. Among my current research projects are: (i) A socio-linguistic study of the spoken language errors made by experienced adult Welsh learners; & (ii) An investigation into the relation between the achievement of Welsh learners and the use of the language by them outside class


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