Dr Simon Pierse

Dr Simon Pierse

Emeritus Senior Lecturer

School of Art

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Pierse, S 2016, Peter Fuller, the Celtic midwife and some [other] Northern critics of Southern art. in J Anderson, CR Marshall & A Yip (eds), The Legacies Of Bernard Smith: Essays on Australian Art, History, and Cultural Politics. Power Publications, pp. 165-177.
Pierse, S 2015, 'Alfred Williams of Salisbury' Alpine Journal, vol. Vol. 119 , no. 363, pp. 228-238.
Pierse, SJ 2014, 'Peter Fuller, the Celtic midwife and Some [other] Northern Critics of Southern Art' Paper presented at Legacies of Bernard Smith Symposium, Power Institute University of Sydney and Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia, 09 Nov 2012 - 10 Nov 2012, .
Pierse, SJ 2013, A surrogate touch: Dick's Book of Photos. in G Farnell (ed.), The Photograph and the Collection: Create | Preserve | Analyze | Present . MuseumsEtc, Edinburgh and Boston, pp. 371-403, Keith Vaughan: Figure and Ground: Drawings Prints and Photographs 1935-62 , Cardiff, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, 13 Jul 2013.
Cruise, C (ed.), Cruise, C, Heuser, H, Meyrick, R & Pierse, S 2013, Keith Vaughan: Figure and Ground: Drawings, Prints and Photographs 1935 - 1962. Sansom and Company, Bristol.
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