3D Shape Search

Supervisor: Dr Yonghuai Liu (yyl@aber.ac.uk)

With the affordable 3D laser range finders and stereo vision systems, it is relatively easy to capture 3D shape of the object of interest. While such data acquisition process is time consuming and may be costly, it is useful to use a query shape to search for similar shapes so that these shape information may satisfy certain applications for, for example, computer aided geometry design. However, how to index a 3D shape or point cloud and measure the similarity of different shapes or point clouds is really challenging [2]. This project intends to develop various techniques [1] for the compact representation and indexing and the measurement of the similarity of different 3D shapes and point clouds. The developed techniques will be evaluated using both synthetic and real data.


1] R. Ohbuchi, M. Nakazawa, Tsuyoshi Takei. Retrieving 3D Shapes Based On Their Appearance. Proc. ACM SIGMM Workshop on Multimedia Information Retrieval (MIR 2003), 2003.
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