A taste of life in the Computer Science Department

It’s difficult, on the web, to give you examples of the kind of teaching and learning opportunities that you will experience when you come to Aberystwyth. In addition to lectures, you will assigned to small groups for tutorials and work carried out in our labs on practical tasks.

Here are a few links to give you just a flavour of that experience:

  • Flash Video presentations below showing: 
    • A special introductory lecture on robotics by Dr. James Law. 
    • Slide Presentation showing screenshot examples of Undergraduate and Postgraduate projects.
  • An assignment for the second semester software development module: ‘Small Group Project Programming Example Assignment: First Year, Second Semester'.
  • Come and visit us to find out more [Open and Visiting Days]!

Introductory Lecture on Robotics (part 1)

Introductory Lecture on Robotics (part 2)

Project Example Slides