Who can sign up for e-mentoring?

- All current students and those who have graduated from Aberystwyth University in the last two years are eligible to register to receive mentoring.

- We welcome offers of mentoring from alumni across all career sectors, backgrounds and locations worldwide.


What equipment do I need to take part in e-mentoring?

- Quite simply, an internet connection and a means of online communication with your mentor or mentee.


Is there a charge for using this service?

- Aberystwyth e-Mentoring is free for students and recent graduates to use, thanks to the kindness of donors to The Annual Fund. Mentors give their time voluntarily.


What will I gain from taking part in mentoring?

- Offering your time as a mentor provides the opportunity to make a positive impact on the life of a current or recent student. Studies show that volunteers experience a greater sense of being part of a community and enjoy better levels of health and wellbeing.

- As a mentee, you gain the opportunity to ask questions, get advice and network with someone who has experience in your intended career area. This can help you build confidence, widen your understanding of job opportunities and future prospects, and help you kick-start your career.