The University College of Wales, Aberystwyth 1872-1972

The University College of Wales, Aberystwyth (the 'College by the Sea', as it has always been known affectionately in Wales) was the first constituent college in the federal University of Wales and, indeed, one of the older provincial university institutions in the United Kingdom. It was therefore fitting that the celebration of the centenary of its birth should have been marked in 1972 by the publication of a full-scale history of the College. This reprint makes the history available to a new audience.

It is a great romantic story that is always interesting, often exciting, and occasionally dominated by high controversy. The central theme is a long, desperate, but ultimately successful struggle against adversity: the story has its fair share of heroic characters, of dominating (occasionally eccentric) personalities and, most important, of outstanding academic figures who made valuable contributions to knowledge in the many different university disciplines.

This book not only makes an important contribution to the history of modern Wales but also places the history of the College in the wider educational and social context of the United Kingdom as a whole in the period 1872-1972.

The author, Dr E L Ellis, a former Aberystwyth student, subsequently became Senior Lecturer in the History Department at the College.

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