Digital Map Library


Department of Geography & Earth Sciences
Room C17 (Tower), Llandinam Building
Penglais Campus, Aberystwyth

About The Library

The Digital Map Library opened in 2011 and provides individual workstations for students to access digital mapping resources such as Digimap and Getmapping. All workstations contain GIS software to help display & manipulate these data sets.


Online Resources

  • DIGIMAP  DGES subscribes to this service which delivers full & comprehensive Ordnance Survey map data & historic maps as well as BGS geological data. You just need to have an Aberystwyth University email account to register for access to Digimap.
  • IRELAND MAPVIEWER  An excellent browser based Ireland map viewer with detailed street maps, topographic maps, aerial photography and historic maps at both 6 and 25 inch scale.
  • GOOGLE MAPS  A useful web based searchable world map which also provides satellite imagery, directions, terrain maps, webcam links, traffic, weather etc.
  • The ubiquitous GOOGLE EARTH is installed on all map library PC’s. It lets you fly anywhere on Earth to view satellite imagery, maps, terrain, 3D buildings etc. You can also visit the moon, mars & outer space!
  • FLASH EARTH is a simple web based world satellite image viewer that’s easy to navigate for general browsing.
  • LANDMAP provides spatial data and learning resources for the UK – It provides satellite image mosaics of Landsat, SPOT and ERS radar data and a high resolution Digital Elevation Model for the British Isles. This data is available in formats that are readily accessible to users of Geographic Information Systems, Image Processing and Desktop publishing software. (Requires registration!)
  • NERC SOIL PORTAL  A web based browser of soil information for the UK
  • USGS WORLD GEOLOGY & RESOURCE MAP  A useful browser based world map showing oil & gas maps, geothermal maps and international surface geology. (Legends available in the ‘layer details’ icon)
  • ANTARCTIC  The Antarctic Digital database (ADD) is a compilation of medium scale topographic data for the continent of Antarctica. It is derived from a wide variety of sources, and aims to provide the best currently available data in all areas.
  • US NATIONAL MAP VIEWER  An excellent map viewer of the entire United States with a wealth of available data layers.

Remember, the web has almost limitless mapping resources which is constantly evolving and usually a quick GOOGLE search for a specific map will bring up what you are looking for.

Paper Map Collection

The map library also holds a large collection of paper maps, particularly B.G.S geology maps of the UK and O.S maps of various scale & age. There are also a number of maps in storage of various parts of the world.

The paper map collection originated from the former Geography Department founded in 1917-18, but most items were acquired when the department move to the Penglais Campus in 1965. At it’s peak, the collection contained over 80,000 maps and around 500 atlases and reference works. Following the creation of the Digital Map Library, a number of maps were donated to the National Library of Wales, local schools and private individuals.

Requests to view paper maps can be made through Antony Smith: