André Rodrigues Soares

Photograph of André Rodrigues Soares.PhD Student
Bsc., Msc.


Office: Postgradutates Office, Floor B, Llandinam Building

Supervisor(s): Andy Mitchell (nem) and Arwyn Edwards (aye)


I am a portuguese student with a background on microbiology and bioinformatics.

My PhD will involve working with microbes within the deep subsurface, mostly by means of bioinformatics. Further, we aim to investigate deep subsurface biofilm formation under super-critical carbon dioxide conditions, so as to simulate true geological carbon storage conditions.

Source of Funding

National Resources Wales (GEO-CARB CYMRU Project)

Research Interests

Metagenomics, 16S-based sequencing, r, python, mothur, MG-RAST and QIIME.