Photograph of Ms Hilary Carberry.Ms Hilary Carberry

PhD Student / Tutor
MSc Human Geography Research Methods, The Open University
MA in Environment, Policy and Society, The Open University
Postgraduate Diploma in Health Promotion, Bath Spa University College
BA Social Sciences, Curtin University of Technology


Office: G1
Phone: +44 (0)1970 622 610
Fax: +44 (0)1970 622 259


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Hilary’s MSc dissertation explored how human-nonhuman relationships are constituted in the spaces of animal sanctuaries and family homes, and considered the extent to which animal sanctuaries may be regarded as contested spaces.  The dissertation encompassed contemporary geographical debates concerning the interconnections between nature and culture, with particular reference to hybridity, animal geographies, and other relational approaches.

Hilary’s PhD research topic  is ‘Knowledge Controversies, Publics, and Policy-Making:  A More-Than-Human Exploration of the Proposed Badger Cull in Wales’.  The broad aims of this doctoral research include: 


  • To explore knowledge controversies, particularly those of a bio-geographical orientation, and their implications for policy-making, democracy, and participation/environmental activism;
  • To explore, through a more-than-human perspective, the contests constituted and enacted through the event of the proposed Welsh badger cull; and
  • To facilitate the sharing and redistribution of knowledges and expertise through the development of tools/resources (such as competency groups, and deliberative mapping) which bring together a range of stakeholders within systems of interest.

Hilary is a Welsh learner, and keen to continue developing her Welsh language skills.