Mr Jonathan Brettell

Photograph of Mr Jonathan Brettell.PhD Candidate
BSc (hons) Geography
MA Practising Human Geography


Office: G1
Tel: +44 (0)1970 622 610


Walking Severn Miles: an Emotional Geography of the Riverscape


  • Dr Peter Merriman
  • Dr Gareth Hoskins
  • Dr Carl Lavery


Jonathan commenced his PhD within the IGES department in September 2012 following completion of a Masters course in ‘Practising Human Geography’ with distinction, as part of an ESRC 1+3 Studentship. His PhD is now taking the form of a walking project along the River Severn, from the source to Avonmouth.  In so doing the research will explore both human and non-human relationships with the river, its landscape and nearby settlements.  Jonathan will attempt to describe how the affective atmosphere of the riverscape emerges through the connections between histories; narratives; the here-and-now; the future and will relate representations to the flow and form of the Severn.  As well as engaging with nascent themes in Cultural Geography, he hopes that this work will forge stronger links between geography and performance studies through employing a range of arts and techniques.


  • Acadenic Tutor to Undergraduates

Research Interests

Cultural Geography, Landscape, Affect, More-Than-Human Geographies, Human/Animal relations, Emotional Geographies, Performance Studies.