Martin Burgess

Photograph of Martin Burgess.PhD candidate
MA (Engineering) at Cambridge University
Postgraduate year studying Production Methods and Management
Chartered Accountant
MSc in Food & Water Security at Aberystwyth University


Office: G1 Landinam


Personal Carbon Allowances: removing barriers to implementation

Supervisor(s): Professor Mark Whitehead, Dr Jan Breitsohl


After a lifetime as a financial number cruncher and Director of businesses of all sizes Martin returned to University in 2014 to follow a long-term interest in energy and the environment, taking an MSc in Food and Water Security at Aber. This continues: he has come to believe that consumption of fossil fuels will not be reduced unless their use is personally attributed back to the consumer in a way that influences behaviour towards reduction. Consequently he has embarked on a PhD looking at one such scheme, Personal Carbon Allowances, re-examining the evidence that led the government to postpone further work on it in 2008.


Burgess,M. Personal Carbon Allowances: A revised model to alleviate distributional issues
in Ecological Economics 130 (2016) 316-327. DOI:10.1016/j.ecolecon.2016.08.002

Group affiliation

Environmental Politics Research Group

Research interests

Carbon usage: lack of planning for low-carbon lifestyles
Behaviour change
Policy framing and introduction: Nudge agenda
Cost justifications: style and substance