Siobhan Maderson

Photograph of Siobhan Maderson.PhD Candidate
BSc London School of Economics – Social Anthropology
MSc Aberystwyth University – Food and Water Security


Office: Llandinam Tower, G1


The Traditional Environmental Knowledge of Beekeepers’ Civil Society Organisations: A Charter for Environmental Sustainability?

Supervisor(s): Prof Mike Woods, Dr Mitch Rose and Dr Sophie Wynne Jones (Bangor University)


After studying social anthropology, Siobhan spent several years traveling and working throughout Asia and North America.  She then worked with the Environmental Law Foundation, providing information and guidance for individuals and community groups facing challenges to their local environment and well-being. She returned to academia to study for an MSc in Food and Water Security.  This included courses in DGES, IBERS, and the International Politics Department. Siobhan firmly believes a cross-disciplinary approach is central to providing answers to the environmental challenges society now faces. Her MSc was funded by an ATM scholarship, which was linked to working with a non-academic partner organisation. This led to research on the Bee Farmers Assocation’s archives. Building on work carried out during her MSc, she has been awarded an ESRC scholarship to investigate the environmental knowledge of beekeepers’ civil society organisations.

Research interests

Pollinators, people, knowledge politics, food security, and the Anthropocene.


  • Evidence from the Archives: Strengths and Successes of the Bee Farmers Association: BeeFarmer, February 2015
  • Maderson, S. and Wynne-Jones, S. 2016 Beekeepers’ knowledges and participation in pollinator conservation policy  Journal of Rural Studies, 45, pp 88-98, 10.1016/j.jrurstud.2016.02.015


  • Bee Farmers Association, March 2015: Bee Farmers’ Association Archives: A historical review
  • European Society of Rural Sociology Conference, Aberdeen, August 2015: Pollinator policies and the more-than-human entanglements of bee-keeping: Siobhan Maderson, Sophie Wynne-Jones