Tim Powell

Photograph of Tim Powell.PhD Student
MPhys Astrophysics


Email: tap1@aber.ac.uk
Office: H1a
Tel: +44(0)1970 628552


Atmospheric Correction and Standardisation of Satellite Imagery

Supervisor(s): Dr. Pete Bunting & Dr. Andy Hardy


Tim graduated from the Department Of Physics in 2015 with an MPhys in Astrophysics and then moved to the Department Of Geography & Earth Science to study Remote Sensing for his PhD. During his master’s degree, Tim completed two dissertations: 3D Visualisation of a Paradox in Special Relativity and Robotic Solar Telescopes. His physics background and mathematical skills are essential for the atmospheric modelling and bidirectional reflectance distribution function (BRDF) corrections in his PhD.


Tim is currently a KESS funded PhD student specialising in Remote Sensing and working with Environment Systems. The aim of his research is to provide a fully automated method of inverting the 6S atmospheric model to retrieve estimates of aerosol optical depth (AOD) and water vapour from the image that is being corrected, and use a BRDF correction for surface reflectance at all illuminations and sensor angles.

Group affiliation

Earth Observation and Ecosystem Dynamics

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