Additional information about the course at Aberystwyth University

The course normally runs from the beginning of September to the end of June. Trainee teachers will be based in schools for 25 weeks. Guided by university tutors and trained school mentors this will involve classroom teaching and different school based activities.

In addition to subject courses, the university‐based programme includes lectures and seminars on Professional Studies, Information and Communication Technology and teaching pupils with additional learning needs.

Science students follow a course in Balanced Science, as well as their main teaching subject. Trainees in other subjects will train to teach an additional second subject (you can choose from about five subjects) in addition to your main subject.

Subjects at Aberystwyth:

Bangor University also offer PGCE Secondary subjects in Art & Design, Mathematics, Music, Outdoor Activities, Physical Education, Religious Education, Science (Biology, Chemistry, Physics) & Welsh.