Diversity in the Workplace

Aberystwyth University provides mandatory training for all staff to do.

  • familiarise them with equality legislation
  • give them an understanding of the broader issues around equality/diversity
  • raise their awareness of their responsibilities and rights as members of staff

The training is provided by means of an online tutorial. This tutorial can be done in one sitting or in 'bite-sized' chunks at your convenience. The quiz contained within the programme must be completed for you to finish the training. These quiz marks will be retained and will be used to identify further training needs for staff.

The tutorial is available in both Welsh and English.

What happens to your data?

Your personal data is kept safely, protected against unlawful or unauthorised processing and against accidental loss or damage. The system provider has appropriate measures implemented in order to mitigate any risks as required by Data Protection Act 2018. 

In accordance with the new legislation our service users are also granted new rights such as the right to be forgotten when their data is no longer necessary or the right to access the data that is held on them on the system.

Data collection, processing, and storage are all performed in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679.

Logging On


To log in, please use the following details:

Email: your full Aberystwyth University email address, e.g. abc@aber.ac.uk

Password: Please type in the word ‘password1’ as the default password. Once you are in please change your password.

In case of problems accessing this tutorial, please contact Ms. Ruth Fowler (divstaff@aber.ac.uk).

We are also runnig a series of Equality & Diversity Sessions. Equality & Diversity Sessions