Public Lectures & Seminars at Aberystwyth University

Public Lectures & Seminars hosted by Aberystwyth University present opportunities to hear informative and inspirational keynote addresses and to engage in discussions covering a broad spectrum of themes.

These events are free to attend and open to the public.

2017 Programme

Thursday, 5 October, 18:00

Main Hall, Department of International Politics

'US Grand Strategy after the Cold War: Can Realist Theory explain it? Should realism guide it?'

Professor Stephen M. Walt of Harvard University will deliver the 34th annual E H Carr Memorial Lecture at the Department of International Politics.

Thursday 19th October 18:30 - 20:00

Main Hall, Department of International Politics

'The Inconvenient Truth about Genetic Modification… it’s perfectly safe!'

A public lecture by Professor Huw Jones, IBERS

Organised by Aberystwyth University and the Learned Society of Wales

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Friday 20th October

Lecture: 18.00
Drinks reception from 17.15
Seddon Room, Old College, King Street, Aberystwyth

David Trotter Memorial Lecture

Minding the gap: what we can learn from gaps in the surviving records for Middle English and Anglo-Norman

Dr Philip Durkin, Deputy Chief Editor of the Oxford English Dictionary

Wednesday 26th October

Lecture: 18:00
A6 Llandinam Building, Penglais Campus

Department of Geography and Earth Sciences Centenary Lecture Series

'How is Antarctica Changing and Why Should We Care?'

Professor Martin Siegert, Imperial College

Friday 27th October

Lecture: 16:00

A12, Hugh Owen Building, Penglais Campus, Aberystwyth

Computer pioneer and brain builder to speak at Aberystwyth University

Building Brains, Professor Steve Furber discussing The Turing Test and why it is important to return to the source of natural intelligence, the human brain, if true artificial intelligence is to be developed.

Monday 13th November

Public Seminar: 12:00

Executive Board room, Visualisation Centre, Penglais Campus, Aberystwyth

'Understanding Wales - Economic change and government reaction in Wales, 1934-2006’

A Public Seminar by Dr Leon Gooberman, Cardiff University

Wednesday 22 November

Public Seminar: 13:10

Steve Crichter Room, International Politics, Penglais Campus, Aberystwyth University

"Participation in rural civil society in later life: practices of stewardship and spaces of care"

Dr Sophie Yarker, Dr Jesse Heley & Dr Laura Jones, DGES, Aberystwyth University


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Public Lectures and Seminars Archive

Event Archive

Previous public lectures and seminars at Aberystwyth University include:

Date Event

Monday 24th April 2017 - 18.30-20.30

Seddon Room, Old College

‘An Evening with Thomas Dilworth’ Dr Beth Rodgers and Dr Luke Thurston will host an evening to celebrate the publication of Thomas Dilworth's new biography of David Jones, which is also Radio 4's Book of the Week. The evening will also include a wine reception. 

Tuesday 4th April 2017 - 18.00-20.00

Main Hall, Department of International Politics 

Public Lecture  by Professor Richard Beardsworth, head of the Department of International Politics,'Political leadership in an unpredictable world' Political leadership in an unpredictable world'
Tuesday 14th March 2017 -  19.00
A6 – Llandinam Building
Department of Geography and Earth Sciences
Department of Geography and Earth Sciences Centenary Lecture Series
Department of Geography and Earth Sciences Centenary Lecture Series
Thursday 2 March – 18.30
Main Hall, International Politics Building
Public Lecture: ‘Can Anything Positive Come Out of BREXIT?’ - Baroness Eluned Morgan AM
All welcome to this event organised by the Centre for Welsh Politics and Society.

Wednesday, 22 February, 17:00

Main Hall, Department of International Politics

Strange Days? Reworking the Welsh Devolution Settlement' - Professor Richard Rawlings (UCL)

Centre for Welsh Politics and Society event

Monday, 20 February, 17:15pm,

Main Hall of the Department of International Politics

 Public lecture by Dr Owen Bennett-Jones, the renowned print and broadcast journalist and BBC foreign correspondent:
‘Al-Qaeda and Islamic State: Brothers in Arms or Rivals?’

Monday,  20 February, 15:00

A12 Lecture Theatre, Hugh Owen Building

Public Lecture by Dr Owen Bennett-Jones, renowned print and broadcast journalist and BBC foreign correspondent:  ‘Nation shall speak unto Nation: Reporting in War and Peace from Beirut, Bucharest, Hanoi, Kabul and Islamabad, 1981-2017’ 

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Professor Sir Lawrence Freedman of King’s College, London will deliver the annual David Davies Memorial Lecture

‘The Future of Discretionary Warfare: Criteria for the use of Force’

Thursday 2 February 2017

Public Lecture with Sir Emyr Jones Parry

‘The Challenge of Implementing Brexit and the Implications for British Foreign Policy’
Tuesday 31 January 2017

Centre for Welsh Politics and Society Public Lecture: Brexit and the Nations?

Professor Michael Keating - Director of the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) Centre on Constitutional Change, Aberdeen University

Wednesday 25 January 2017

‘Brexit and Wales – The Key Questions’

Hosted by Aberystwyth University’s Centre for Welsh Politics and Society

14 December 2016

The Bill Williams Memorial Lecture - Prof Iwan Morus - "Michael Faraday's Chemical History of a Candle"

8 November 2016

The Department of Geography and Earth Sciences Centenary Lecture Series - “Chips off the old block - sourcing the Stonehenge Bluestones” - Lecture given by Dr Richard Bevins, Keeper of Natural Sciences, Amgueddfa Cymru - National Museum Wales

28 October 2016 Panel discussion on RACE - Black Experiences in Higher Education
27 October 2016 EH Carr Memorial Lecture - 'Sometimes it matters who is in power' - A lecture given by Professor Margaret MacMillan
19 October 2016

Public Lecture - 'John Keats's Ghosts' with acclaimed John Keats scholar, Professor Nicholas Roe (University of St Andrews)

14 October 2016

Public Lecture - Professor David Trotter Memorial Lecture - ‘The Easy Yoke of Strict Science’ - Professor Dr Frankwalt Möhren - Heidelberg University

13 October 2016

Public Lecture - Waltz Annual Lecture - Professor Jeremy Black - ‘War and International Relations 1400-2100’

29 September 2016

Britain, Europe and the World: What next?A ‘Post-Brexit’ Roundtable organised by Department of International Politics

20 June 2016 Public Lecture - ‘Scientific Drilling for Human Origins in Africa’Including the 3D Film  The Human Climate’
13 June 2016

The UK in Europe: In or Out? - A discussion on the Referendum and its implications for Wales and UK - Institute of Welsh Politics

26 May 2016

The 2016 Election: What Happened and Why ? - Professor Roger Scully, Wales Governance Centre, Cardiff University

17 May 2016

Institute of Welsh Politics Public Seminar: The Power of Language, The Language of Power with Professor John Edwards, St Francis Xavier University, Nova Scotia, Canada

27 April 2016

Understanding Wales Public Seminar - ‘A  Oes Hanes Deallusol Cymreig?’ (Is there a Welsh Intellectual History?) - Dr Huw Williams, Coleg Cymraeg Cenedlaethol and Cardiff University

20 April 2016

Institute of Welsh Politics 2016 Annual Lecture - Reflections on Wales and Europe -  Dr Hywel Ceri Jones CMG

16 April 2016

Public Lecture - Other People’s Countries - Tales of Literary & Cultural Belonging - Patrick McGuinness
A Literary Europe Live event from Literature Across Frontiers.  Sponsored by the Learned Society of Wales.

15 March 2016

Public Lecture - 'Strange people, strange places: aspects of the supernatural in medieval Irish and Welsh tradition' - Keynote Speaker: Professor Ruairí Ó hUiginn - School of Celtic Studies, Maynooth University

7 March 2016

Public Lecture - Department of Geography and Earth Sciences: 'A Life in Fresh Water' - Kathleen Carpenter (1891-1970), a pioneering freshwater ecologist at Aberystwyth University

2 March 2016

Public Lecture - The Codebreakers - Enigma, Bletchley Park and the Battle of the Atlantic - Dr Mark Baldwin

2 March 2016

Public Lecture - A Centenary since Conscription!

17 February 2016

Public Lecture - Belgian Refugees in Wales - Christophe Declercq  - University College London

4 February 2016

David Davies Memorial Institute of International Studies (DDMI) Annual Lecture - ‘Losing the narrative: the UK and the EU’ - Baron Wallace of Saltaire

3 December 2015

Annual Kenneth N. Waltz Lecture - ‘Crimea is Ours!: a Discursive History’ - Professor Ted Hopf - National University of Singapore

19 November 2015

Public Seminar – Understanding Wales Series: Defnyddio’r Gymraeg yn y Gymuned: Astudiaeth Ymchwil (The Use of Welsh in the Community)
with Dr Rhian Hodges and Dr Cynog Prys, Coleg Cymraeg Cenedlaethol and Bangor University

17 November 2015

Simplexity™ Leadership - Making Success Simple with Dr Paul Thomas
Autumn Chwarae Teg Public Lecture

11 November 2015

Why soils are key to the sustainable intensification of agriculture in the face of climate change
Professor Jane Rickson, Cranfield University
National Research Network for Low Carbon Energy and the Environment (NRN-LCEE) Public Lecture Series

View Online

6 November 2015

Public Seminar – Understanding Wales Series: From toleration to multiculturalism: revisiting ethnic diversity in a devolved Wales
Professor Paul O’ Leary, Department of History and Welsh History, Aberystwyth University

4 November 2015

Panel Discussion: International Politics and International Law, Theory and Practice: The Case of Guantanamo
Panel included: Aberystwyth alumnus and international law expert Mitch Robinson

29 October 2015

E H Carr Memorial Lecture - 'International Relations in the Prison of Political Science: is there a way out?'
Professor Justin Rosenberg, Professor of International Relations, University of Sussex

13 July 2015

Sir Humphry Davy and the story of his Miners’ Safety Lamp
Sir John Meurig Thomas DSc ScD MAE HonFRSE HonFREng FLSW FRS
Lecture and award of the Menelaus Medal, in partnership with the Learned Society of Wales.

30 June 2015

A Conversation with Julia Gillard: Education and Our Future
The Honourable Julia Gillard, Former Prime Minister of Australia.

18 June 2015

The 2015 General Election: What Happened?
Professor Roger Scully, Wales Governance Centre, Cardiff University
Institute of Welsh Politics Public Seminar

23 April 2015

The Future of Welsh Law
Sir David Lloyd Jones, Chair of the Law Commission of England and Wales and Honorary Fellow of Aberystwyth University.
Centre for Welsh Legal Affairs Public Lecture

22 April 2015

The UK Supreme Court - What does the public see?
Isobel Williams, Artist and Blogger
Public Lecture - Department of Law and Criminology

21 April 2015

Comisiynydd y Gymraeg: rheoleiddio, rhyddid a risg
(The Welsh Language Commissioner: regulation, freedom and risk)
Professor Diarmait Mac Giolla Chriost
Institute of Welsh Politics Public Seminar

20 April 2015

The Politics of Spirit: Bringing the Arts to bear on the world at large
Damian Gorman, Writer, Broadcaster and Playwright.
Public Lecture - Institute of Literature, Languages and Creative Arts

11 March 2015

Wales in a changing Union
Rt Hon Stephen Crabb MP, Secretary of State for Wales
Institute of Welsh Politics Annual Lecture

Read lecture online

6 March 2015

Y Gymru a Fydd? Culture Social Justice and the Wales that will be
Baroness Kay Andrews, Deputy Speaker for the House of Lords and Aberystwyth University Alumna and Honorary Fellow.

25 February 2015

Breaking down the barriers to deliver real change in our food and farming systems
Caroline Drummond, Chief Executive - Linking Environment and Farming (LEAF)
Inaugral lecture of the Sêr Cymru National Research Network for Low Carbon, Energy and Environment Public Lecture Series.

12 February 2015

'Untied Kingdom' 
Sir Paul Silk Chair of the Commission on Devolution in Wales 2011 to 2014
Institute of Welsh Politics Public Seminar


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