Research Students' Consultative Committee


The composition of the Research Students' Consultative Committee (RSCC) is as follows;

  • Chair – Head of the Graduate School
  • One representative from each Department
  • One representative from the Postgraduate Association
  • One representative from the Students’ Union
  • One representative from Part-time Research Students
  • One representative for International Research Students
  • One representative for Welsh-medium Research Students
  • One representatives of academic staff per Institute
  • One representative from Information Services
  • One representative from the AQRO

Reporting Lines

The Research Students’ Consultative Committee shall report to the Research Degrees Committee. It shall meet at least twice per academic year.

Terms of Reference

  • To receive minutes of Departmental postgraduate research student / staff consultative committees
  • To consider issues relating to the general graduate-student environment
  • To make recommendations to the Research Degrees Committee
  • To provide an opportunity for students and staff to discuss issues of concern in an open forum
  • To consider issues arising from student feedback questionnaires

Current Members

Past RSCC Minutes