How To Order Your Robes

Online booking will be available from Monday 9 May directly with the gown suppliers J Wippell & Co Ltd.

Robes must be ordered in advance - online ordering for students will close on Sunday 26 June at 5pm

Visit J Wippell & Co Ltd's gowning website.

When booking your gown, hood and hat you will need to provide:

  • Your name and permanent address
  • Your qualification (BA, MSc etc)
  • Your height, chest/bust size and head circumference
  • Time and date of your ceremony
  • Payment to be made by major debit / credit card

In exceptional circumstances, provision will be made for late student gown orders (after 10am on Friday 24 June) on the day of the ceremony. Please note the additional fee associated with this on J Wippell and Co Ltd’s webpages. In specific circumstances where late booking is required, individuals will need to factor in sufficient time to complete this on the day based on the gown collection times for your ceremony.