Graduation Tickets

Guest Tickets

All students who have informed the University that they will be attending the Graduation Ceremonies by the 30 April are guaranteed two guest tickets.  Students who are asked to complete the Graduation task online via their Student Record MUST do so to be guaranteed their allocated two tickets.  This task will be available between the 1 April and the 30 April.

Additional Tickets

It is envisaged that there will be a limited number of spare guest tickets for each ceremony.  The exact number will be unknown until all students have registered to attend graduation by the deadline of 30 April.  From 9am on the 7 May a 'Graduation Additional Tickets' task will appear on the Student Record where an additional ticket may be requested by completing the task.  The task will operate on a first come first served basis and will be available for 11 days.  Students who wish to try and secure an additional ticket are advised to complete this task as soon as possible.  

Further information regarding Guest Tickets can be found on our Frequently Asked Questions.