Aberystwyth University Hospitality Services Plastics policy

Aberystwyth University has the aim of being a Zero Waste Wales institution by 2027. In line with the Universities commitment to reducing its environmental impact and its Waste Management Policy, we propose the following policy on plastics for Hospitality Services to adopt.
As part of this, Hospitality Services undertake to take the following actions


Hospitality Services seeks to being instrumental in assisting Aberystwyth University being recognised as a plastic free institution by the end of 2019.

Hospitality Services seeks to reduce its use of plastics with the following aims:-

•    Specifically make it a condition of all tenders for products that they do not contain any micro plastics.
•    Work towards eliminating all single use plastic that cannot be recycled by 2021
•    Reduce the amount of plastic sold as packaging by 50% in all university outlets by 2020
•    Commit to not use any plastic bags for any retail nor for marketing purposes.
•    Amendment of the Waste management program to include a requirement for all suppliers to have a proven and measurable policy of plastic reduction.
•    Introduce a proactive marketing and educational program for staff and students in conjunction with the Students Union and relevant voluntary organizations.
Hospitality Services as part of this policy will commit to the following
•    Audit of the plastic purchased and sold for the academic year 2017 to 18 to be used as the benchmark for further analysis.
•    Commit to one ‘Plastic Free Day’ each year where no plastic is sold at any of the retail outlets.
•    Introduction of the ‘Disposable coffee cup tax’ at all of the retail outlets operated by Hospitality Services. Monies raised by the tax will be allocated to charities specifically tackling plastic pollution in the seas as well as for the promotion and implementation of a plastic free university.
•    Audit of all cleaning products purchased to ensure that none micro plastics, along with an action plan for their replacement within 2 months.
•    Ensure that plastic reduction and recycling are included in the environmental impact assessment that the department will carry out annually as part of their measurement criteria.
•    An annual report is to be compiled for submission each year to Senate along with the review of this policy as part of our annual review of our Environmental, sustainable and ethical purchasing and food policy.


Jeremy Mabbutt

Head of Hospitality Services

20th June 2018