Aberystwyth University Nutrition Policy

                                                                         Nutrition Policy

  1. 1.       Introduction


Research has shown that healthy eating is an essential component for physical health and mental wellbeing.  Aberystwyth University is committed to supporting its students and staff in their continuing development and learning as well as the promotion of a healthy lifestyle.  As part of this ethos the university will promote healthy eating through the measures outlined in this policy.  


  1. 2.       Commitment

Aberystwyth University is committed to the supply and promotion of nutritious and balanced food options for its students, staff and visitors. This policy is part of a suite and should be read in conjunction with the University’s Health and Wellbeing Policy and its Sustainable and Ethical Food Policy.

  1. 3.       Aim

To promote a balanced and healthy diet for our staff, students and visitors as part of our commitment to health and wellbeing. We aim to achieve this via the following action plan.

  1. Action Plan

The following action plan relates to the university’s owned and managed food offering. These are located in the Hospitality Services Outlets and various vending machines on Campus (See Appendix 1 for details of these outlets).

  • Availability of healthy options at all university run food outlets. This is to include healthy options for drinks, snacks and main meals. Healthy options are also to be promoted by the use of signage and labelling of dishes with the university’s healthy eating logo for the corporate health standard;
  • Promotion of healthy eating through competitive price points. The University will ensure that it is cheaper to eat a healthy option hot meal than the other dishes on offer;
  • Promotion of healthy and balanced diets through 2 promotional events per year aimed at staff and students, as well as an additional promotion around our examinations timetable;
  • We shall ensure that all of the catering staff undertake training on health promotion in addition to basic food hygiene qualifications which are essential for all staff involved in the preparation of food;
  • We will ensure that healthy options are always available for all corporate events for ordering by our clients;
  • We will continue to work with local suppliers to ensure that we are able to offer fresh, seasonal and local produce;
  • All catering outlets will provide free drinking water to its customers;
  • By continuing to work with our vending machine suppliers to provide healthy options in all machines.  Vending machines offer a useful and alternative service point for the provision of food and drinks within the workplace. Where vending is available, selling items such as breakfast cereals, low sugar/salt produce and bottled water will be available as a minimum;
  • All outlets to have healthy options available for drinks, snacks and main meals that are clearly labelled. The following should be available daily where applicable:-

- A selection of fresh fruit and vegetables.

- Salad, including salad bars, plated/boxed salads, salad in sandwiches

- Alternatives to chocolate and sugar confectionery, lower sugar cereal bars where offered.