Aber Refresh Procedure


All Aber Refresh opportunities will be advertised on the HR website for a period of 5 working days. Aber Refresh opportunities will be advertised simultaneously with Prior Consideration opportunities.

Aber Refresh candidates will be considered once it has been determined that the Prior Consideration candidates are unable to meet the requirements of the role or where no Prior Consideration applications have been received for the post.

Please note that roles advertised in order to support a VS application being approved will only be available to Aber refresh applicants.  These opportunities will be clearly identified in the advert.

Aber Refresh Process

1. An employee can express an interest in Aber Refresh at any time by contacting HR, either by email or in writing. There is no qualifying period of service for eligibility. Normally, staff on externally funded fixed-term contracts, casual or relief contracts will not be eligible for Aber Refresh.

2. The HR Manager or a nominated member of staff from the HR team will meet with the employee, within 10 working days, to explore possible roles on the same or a lower grade. An employee may be interested in a specific role but this is not essential.

3. Following this discussion, the employee’s details will be added to the Aber Refresh Register. The employee can indicate that they no longer wish to be on the register at any time by emailing or writing to the HR team.

4. When a potential role becomes available it will be advertised under Prior Consideration and Aber Refresh simultaneously.  

5. Where an Aber Refresh opportunity is filled by an employee on the Prior Consideration list, the Aber Refresh applicants will be informed. An employee cannot apply for an Aber Refresh post until they have registered in accordance with para 3.

Roles may become available where:

  • an employee has accepted voluntary severance and the decision includes ‘backfill’ from prior consideration or Aber Refresh. The key point is that there must be an agreed saving.
  • where a new position is created;
  • another employee has moved within the University;
  • an employee has resigned from the University (This list is not exhaustive).

6. The employee will complete the Aber Refresh application form.  HR will contact the Faculty PVC/Head of Department or nominee to shortlist the applications against the essential criteria for the post. 

7. Where more than one employee has applied, a competitive process will take place in line with the recruitment and selection procedure.  The current manager of the employee to be recommended for appointment will be informed.  A recommendation for the appointment will be made to the Post Approval Group, including the comments of the current manager. 

8. Where there is only one applicant, the Faculty PVC/Head of Department or nominee and a HR Officer or HR Manager will interview the employee to determine whether they meet the essential criteria. If so the employee will be appointed in the first instance for a trial period of three months. If the current manager of the employee does not support the employee’s move to the Aber Refresh opportunity the written reasons will be submitted to the Post Approval Group which will make a final determination. The final decision will then communicated to all parties by HR. 

9. HR will consult the employee to confirm the terms and conditions relating to the offer. At any point during the three month trial period an employee can decide that the new role is not suitable and they will have the right to revert to their previous (substantive) job role.

10. Prior to the end of the three month trial period, the line manager, will meet with the employee to review the trial period. Written confirmation of the outcome of the trial period will be submitted by the Faculty PVC/Head of Department or his/her nominee 10 days prior to the end of the trial period. HR will write to the employee to confirm the outcome.        



  • Spine point as well as grade will be retained on a grade to grade move.
  • Where an employee moves to a post on a lower grade they will not receive pay protection.
  • An employee can express an interest in a position with a lower FTE, either due to term time working or less working hours per week. Pay protection will not apply in these situations.
  • Once an employee has been confirmed in the new post they cannot revert to their former substantive role.

Page last updated:: 06.11.2019