The University has arranged insurance cover for personal effects used in connection with University business. This is designed to cover books, scientific instruments and other equipment, tools of trade or profession, etc. owned by individuals but kept for convenience on University property. It does not extend to clothing, electronic notebooks, personal or laptop computers and associated equipment.

The individual member of staff will be responsible for the first part of any claim (5% of the maximum liability).

The levels of cover and excesses are:-

Limit of Cover Excess
Academic Staff £5,000 £250
Academic Related and Maintenance Staff £2,000 £100
Chefs £500 £25

All claims will be required to be proved commercially and will be subject to ‘averaging'. For example, if a member of staff were to have £10,000 worth of books in their office and submitted a claim for damage amounting to £1,000, only 50% of the claim would be met (less the excess of £250). Members of staff are, therefore, strongly recommended to observe the limits of cover. Any enquiries/claims should be referred to the Finance Office

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