Standard Visitor Visa

A standard visitor visa allows a migrant to visit the UK for up to 6 months or, for academics on sabbatical and coming to the UK for research, up to 12 months along with their spouse or civil partner.

You must apply before travelling to the UK this can be done online at the UKVI website. Please note that you cannot extend this visa past 6 months (12 months for academics) and at the end of this period you must leave the UK and you are not permitted to switch to any other visa route.

Academic visitors should make sure they are entering the UK on the correct visa. A standard visitor visa should be applied for if the individual is visiting to do one of the following:

- A formal exchange with a UK counterpart. The individual should continue to be paid by their host instiution overseas.

- Carry out their own personal research (e.g. research for a book) if they are on sabbatical leave from their home institution

- To share knowledge or experience with UK counterparts - this does not permit research where Aberystwyth is the host institution.

This visa route is also applicable for those visiting for a conference, meeting or training. It is also applicable for academics accompanying students on a study abroad programme.

A Standard Visitor Visa is unlikely to apply to migrants visiting the UK to collaborate on research projects hosted by Aberystwyth University.

An academic visitor on a standard visitor visa must not take employment or do work that amounts to them filling a role or providing cover for a role.

Visitor visa holders cannot be paid by any source in the United Kingdom. The only payments that they may receive is reasonable expenses to cover the cost of their travel and subsistence or prize money.

Please visit the UK government visitor rules Appendix V for more information.