Payroll Office Contacts

Payroll Manager Martin Davies (01970) 622033
Pensions and Employee Benefits Officer Beth Head (01970) 628706
Payroll Finance Assistant Jean Glennie (01970) 622032
Payroll Finance Assistant Emma Hill (01970) 628414
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Payroll Office

The Payroll and Pensions Office is located in the Human Resources Department and is open between 9am and 5pm.

The Office's main areas of responsibility are:

  • The payment of salaries to all members of full/part time and casual staff.
  • The processing of variable payroll data from timesheets, overtime claims, certificates of attendance and fees for external examiners.
  • All financial aspects of the salary process including journals to recharge salary costs between accounting units.
  • Providing advice and information to University staff and casual employees on salary matters.
  • Liaison with HMRC, Department of Works and Pensions and other official bodies.
  • Liaison with all University departments including HR on matters relating to salaries and costing.
  • Distribution of payslips, P60 and salary costing reports.
  • Pension arrangements.