Welsh Language Scheme

The University of  Aberystwyth is a bilingual institution which operates a Welsh Language Scheme. The Scheme was prepared under the Welsh Language Act 1993 which states that public bodies, in providing a service to the public in Wales, do so in a way that treats both English and Welsh on the basis of equality. In the case of a university institution, ‘service' includes education and academic provision, as well as what is provided by means of administrative arrangements. The ‘public' includes students and prospective students, and members of staff, as well as those who use our services. The University aims at creating an environment in which all members of society can feel at ease in their chosen language, whether it be Welsh or English, while at the same time respecting and trying to understand the distinctive nature of the bilingual society in which they reside. The principles and policies relating to the use of Welsh are embodied in the University's Language Scheme, the University Charter and the Strategic Plan of the University.

Further information regarding the Welsh Language Scheme can be obtained by contacting:

Centre for Welsh Language Services
University of  Aberystwyth
Old College
King Street
Ceredigion SY23 2AX

E-mail: canolfangymraeg@aber.ac.uk
Website: http://www.aber.ac.uk/canolfangymraeg/
Telephone: (01970) 622045