Online Training & Development

The training and development signposted below will be updated on a weekly basis so please ensure you log-in regularly to identify opportunities which may be helpful to you.

You will find below courses specifically targeted to specific skills sets and occupations and also training which is of more general interest. Training highlighted in bold is mandatory for all staff members.

There are also various opportunities to be able to undertake training external to the University. We cannot verify the quality of this training but the opportunities can be helpful in maintaining your currency of knowledge. Similarly as these courses are not provided by or for the University, a number of them will not be available through the medium of welsh.  Should you be aware of similar courses that can be offered bi-lingually please send the details to

We would welcome your feedback on how you have found these courses and any suggestions you might have for future areas of interest. Please e-mail with your comments.

Please also ensure that any training and development undertaken is also recorded as part of your Effective Contribution Scheme.  You can do this on Aber People:

  1. Log into ABW.

  2. Click on the Personnel tab in the frame on the left.

  3. Click on Competence (not Competences which is available in other places).

  4. Choose Technical Competence in the Competency Type dropdown.