Travel the World

Staff Challenge!

12th March – 11th May 2018

Join us for Travel the World 2018! Whether you want to improve fitness, achieve a personal goal or train for an event, the Travel the World platform can help you on your way! There is also a competitive element if you wish to take part, where individuals and Departments can see who can travel the furthest. Just log into the system with your Aberystwyth username and password to get started!

Taking part in Travel the World aims to help you become a little bit more active, by:

  • Setting yourself target distances and track your progress throughout the course of Travel the World
  • Go for a lunch to get a FREE barista coffee or teapigs tea with every meal at Brynamlwg for all those taking part in Travel the World!
  • Walk to the Sports Centre for a discounted swim in the morning
  • Enjoying the surroundings that W and Aberystwyth has to offer
  • Arrange your own social walks with other people taking part, from gentle strolls to long walks
  • Take part in activities that the Arts Centre provides, such as dancing, and enjoy a healthy snack with 10% discount in their café, piazza café and bar
  • Receive a quick Mini MOT about your current status, including body composition

In order to retrieve your free barista coffee/teapig tea at Brynamlwg, 10% discount at the Arts Centre café, piazza café and bar and reduced swimming rates at the Sports Centre, just show your Aber ID card and Travel the World sticker at the reception desk/till! Stickers can be collected from the Sports Centre from 12th March.


-------- LOG IN HERE --------

(please note that this website will be updated once the scheme opens on 27th February) 


  • You can still use the pedometer from previous years.
  • Buy your own pedometer, borrow one from someone else, or use other activity or distance trackers. This could help you get started, as it is a small investment but it might help keep you walk a few more steps each day.
  • Use a step counter app on your smart phone, for example Pacer, which is free and works on both Android and Apple
  • If you are using an iPhone 4S or newer, the 'Health' app, automatically stored on your phone will track your steps everyday without you having to download anything
  • Explore the depths of the ocean with this new  immersive running app which chronicles a journey from the sea surface to the Marianas Trench – the deepest known part of the ocean – in ‘Run to the Deep’. 
  • Use the new app called Active10 to also include brisk walks as much as you can.

Book your Mini MOT!

You will also be offered a free Mini MOT (BMI, body fat percentage, lean mass, hydration status, muscle strength, balance) at the beginning the scheme. This will take place at the Sports Centre, Penglais Campus.  If you have your results from last year, you can possibly even compare them!

Mini MOT sessions will take 20 minutes and are offered on various days between 1st – 12th March 2018. You can complete your booking here to arrange a specific date and time. We recommend you book your session in before the start of Travel the World .  Please note that after you’ve selected a particular slot it will ask to register/log in; this is not needed, so click ‘skip login process’ to continue without logging in.

Let us know about activities and challenges that are going on in the area, by filling in this form. We will email updates to help you find relevant events to help you cover the World.


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