• I don’t know who the first aiders are, how do I get this information?
  • Who is my departmental Safety Officer?
  • I’ve seen something H&S-related at work that I am very concerned about, who do I need to tell?


  • I’ve had an accident, who do I have to tell?
  • I nearly had a nasty accident do I need to do anything?

Fire Safety

  • There is a fire extinguisher outside my office but I don’t know how to use it.
  • I’ve heard that there is a delayed response on the Fire alarm, what do I have to do now?
  • I’ve been allocated a centrally timetabled room to teach in, it says it needs a PEEP, what is this?
  • I’ve heard that we can’t have a Departmental Christmas Tree - surely this is "Elf and Safety" gone mad?

General Safety at Work


  • I want to sell some cakes for charity. Can I do this or am I not allowed?
  • I want to hold a BBQ for staff, families and students as a university-related social event. What do I need to do?