I want to sell some cakes for charity. Can I do this or am I not allowed?


You can make cakes to sell occasionally for charity so long as the person preparing them follows Food Standards Agency advice. You should however make sure you avoid using risky food groups such as raw eggs and avoid cream/cheesecakes if you have nowhere to keep the cakes cool whilst you are selling.

You should also make a notice along the lines of “These items may contain eggs and nuts” for clear display on the table

Part of the FSA guidance:

Home-made cakes should be safe to eat, as long as the people who make them observe good food hygiene, and the cakes are stored and transported safely.

At home, people making cakes should follow these tips:

  • Always wash your hands before preparing food.
  • Make sure that surfaces, bowls, utensils, etc. are clean.
  • Don't use raw eggs in anything that won't be thoroughly cooked, such as icing or mousse.
  • Keep cheesecakes and any cakes or desserts containing cream or butter icing in the fridge.
  • Store cakes in a clean, sealable container, away from raw foods, especially raw meat.

On the day, people bringing in cakes from home or running the stall should follow these tips:

  • Transport cakes in a clean, sealable container.
  • Avoid handling cakes – use tongs or a cake slice instead.