Research is integral to the mission of the Institute of Literature, Languages and Creative Arts.


Research Seminars

The Institute of Literature, Languages and Creative Arts consists of:


IAH Research Vision

Research is integral to the mission of the Institute of Literature, Languages and Creative Arts. IAH foregrounds the study of literature, languages, theatre, performance, film and media, music and fine art. While built on the sound foundations of strong, successful, traditional disciplines, IAH fosters a cross- and inter-disciplinary commitment to the critical analysis of relations between the regional, national and international in the construction and circulation of cultural and artistic texts and events. The Institute provides the space for innovative scholarly and practice-based research which engages with issues that pertain to local, national and transnational communities, and that builds knowledge in these areas. IAH aims to produce research of world-leading or internationally-excellent quality. Research methods include: textual analysis; empirical data-gathering; historiography and archival research; ethnography; practice-based research; philosophical enquiry; and pedagogic action research.       

A key aspect of the IAH research strategy is to facilitate and develop research that embraces the distinct location and culture of Aberystwyth, Ceredigion and West Wales; but also to ensure that research is outward-facing and engaged with pressing, pan-global issues.

Aims and Objectives

The overall vision for IAH is to create and sustain a recognisable and unique centre of excellence in Wales which clearly demonstrates why the disciplines and practices represented by the Institute listed above will be vital to the well-being of societies and cultures in the twenty-first century.

The broad strategic aims of IAH echo those articulated in the University Strategic Plan, 2012-2017. They are as follows:

  1. To create a genuinely inclusive cross-departmental/centre working environment which will enable new ways of thinking creatively and new methods of problem solving pertaining to global issues.
  2. To develop national and international partnerships and collaborations.
  3. To increase research grant capture and to gain funding for larger collaborative projects.
  4. To identify areas of research strengths and to create IAH Research Centres which will act as drivers of research activity, grant capture, enhanced reputation and recruitment.
  5. To build on public engagement activities and knowledge exchange.
  6. To promote the Welsh language and Welsh cultural through research activity. 

Research Advisory Network

All professors and readers in IAH are members of this advisory group. The Research Advisory Network’s remit is: 

  • To encourage colleagues in their research activities and their plans for publication/dissemination of research
  • To encourage colleagues to look for funding for research projects, and to offer advice and feedback wherever appropriate
  • To provide feedback on draft research grant applications.