Alaeddin Okuroglu, MSc Animal Science

Researcher at International Center for Livestock Research and Training, Turkey

"After graduating from Ankara University Faculty of Veterinary Science, I aimed to further improve my skills and knowledge about my work field with a proper English degree through being an MSc student in Animal Science at Aberystwyth University. I was accepted for Animal Science MSc programme and it was at that point that I understood how I am so lucky. At the beginning it was quite tough for me to understand the lecturers and the system of the programme due to cultural differences and my inadequate English. However, thanks to helpful coordinators and lecturers, I had chance to be aware of my mistakes and to correct them. Finally, I got myself into the course. I could enhance my vision and concentrate on my main interests through many assignments and presentations. Moreover, the course provided us with an opportunity to participate in workshops and conferences (BSAS), which opened up a certain avenue for my future career plans. On the other hand, I met many helpful and great people who I am still in touch with.

I have been working for Embryo Transfer Technology in the International Center for Livestock Research and Training in Turkey as a researcher since I graduated from Aberystwyth University.  My government and many professor found it a big advantage doing my MSc in Animal Science in Aberystwyth University. The lectures on the MSc programme and my improved English make it easier for me now to do projects and also multidisciplinary research.  I definitely suggest and encourage people, especially International students, to do the MSc Animal Science programme at Aberystwyth University."