Amanda Warr, MSc Animal Science

PhD Student University of Edinburgh

"The MSc covered a range of topics, introducing me to subjects I knew nothing about and improving upon my knowledge of molecular genetics and genetics in livestock breeding. My dissertation project involved using Next-Generation Sequencing to identify bacteria in horses with Inflammatory Airway Disease and involved collaboration with Cotts Equine Hospital. The course was certainly challenging, but was also thoroughly enjoyable. The group of students taking the course was quite small, and we all got on extremely well; I am still in touch with many of them. The lecturers were friendly, approachable and organized, and were always willing to help with any problems we were having.

Having completed my MSc I was accepted for a 4-year PhD in Genetics and Genomics at The University of Edinburgh in The Roslin Institute. My project involves using bioinformatics to find genetic variants in the pig genome that could be used to improve pork production or that could be used in medical modelling of human diseases. The use of sequencing in my MSc dissertation project not only helped me to get this position, but let me experience the practical side of genetics and genomics, helping me to really understand my data now. The MSc modules relating to genetics and statistics were extremely important in preparing me for the work I am doing, but I also find I am drawing from my knowledge of many of the other subjects we learned about such as endocrinology, reproduction and immunology.

The MSc in Animal Science at Aberystwyth gave me exactly what I was looking for: the knowledge and experience I needed to further my career, some lifelong friends and some wonderful memories."